CLOT x Nike team Up for zerocool “Flux Dunk” Collectible Cards

Hong Kong-based lifestyle and streetwear label CLOT is one of Nike’s top collaborators, with the duo holding a large number of covetable offerings on their roster. and following the recently-unveiled CLOT x Nike “Flux Dunk” is a set of collectible cards to accompany the highly-anticipated collaboration.

Over the recent years, trading cards have found their way back to the market, notably speaking of Pokémon cards and sports-themed sets, so it makes sense for CLOT co-founder Edison Chen to offer this project as he has always been a fan of trading cards while growing up.

Image through CLOT
This limited-edition set of CLOT x Nike trading cards brings popular trading card company zerocool to lead the venture. The 6-card pack sees a colour arrangement similar to the dunk High: blue, silver, and black. two out of the six cards are also two rare cards: One features a portrait of Chen, and the other ultra-rare edition features the alien form of the CLOT founder.

Will you be copping the CLOT x Nike x zerocool “Flux Dunk” collectible cards when they launch at the pop-up store for the sneaker release at JUICE Causeway Bay in Hong Kong? Make sure you stay locked in best here at The Sole provider to stay in the know of all the most recent Nike news. On a similar topic, the developer of Akira brings us the Katsuhiro Otomo x Nike dunk low “Steam Boy”.

Image through CLOT

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